What happens to my car :: Aldershot Scrap Car Collection and Metal Recyclers


Car and Metal Recyclers (CMR) are an ATF (authorised treatment facility), and once vehicles arrive for destruction they are moved to our special depollution bays within our ELV workshops. The vehicles are then loaded onto our SEDA decontamination units which safely remove 98% of hazardous fluids including engine and gearbox oil, fuel (including LPG), coolant/antifreeze, screen wash, clutch and brake fluids from an average (ELV) scrap vehicle.

The batteries, wheels and tyres are removed for recycling. Oil filters are removed and crushed to recover additional oil. Shock absorbers are drilled and drained. Within our four bays we have the capacity of depolluting up to 100 cars every day.

After depollution the vehicle is moved into a big shed where the engine is removed using one of our Liebherr scrap handling cranes. The shell is then placed in our Lefort 600 tonne shear baler where it is crushed into a block to be sold on for its onward journey.

When depollution is completed, CMR issues a Certificate of Destruction allowing the vehicle to be deregistered. Only an ATF can issue a Certificate of Destruction, giving the last owner peace of mind against any possibility of future prosecutions relating to that vehicle.